Chat 9 Sep 1 note The SouthEast Diaries
  •  *Reunion scene with my students*
  •  -Cue happy. Cue screams. Cue faces of confusion-
  • ME: What's wrong?
  • KIDS: Did you bring your mom?
  • ME: ...What? No. What?
  • KIDS: *point*
  • ME: SIGH, you guys, we've been over this. There are other Asian people in the world besides Ms Cat.
Chat 14 May 2 notes The SouthEast Diaries
  • Me: Okay, everyone! Practice as though we're on stage now, like your parents are in the audience watching now!
  • Extremely vocal first grader: Um I can't go -- I have crippling stage fright.
  • Me: Who teaches you these words?

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